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Families & Lifestyle

How about a fun family photo shoot in the great outdoors or in your very own home, surrounded by familiar things that make you relaxed and genuinely happy to be together?  That is how I like to capture people with their loved ones.  I would love to capture your family, friends and significant others in photographs that make you smile whenever you look at them -- now and in the future.

IMG_0817 Mother and teen son in woods
IMG_9185 Family photo shoot with mural backdrop
IMG_0758 Family photo shoot in woods
IMG_0793 Mother and college aged daughter in woods
IMG_9182 Family photo shoot with mural in black and white
IMG_9137 Family photo peeking around mural
IMG_8932 Mother and daughter in black and white
IMG_8945 Father and daughter autumn photo shoot
IMG_8836 Family outdoor photo shoot with tween daughters
Mother and tween daughter
IMG_7959 Black and white of kids on backyard trampoline
IMG_7874 Backyard family photo shoot
IMG_7817 Backyard photo shoot of three siblings
IMG_8676 Outdoor couple photo shoot
IMG_8651 Outdoor photo shoot with grandparents
IMG_8679 Couple outdoor photo shoot
IMG_8587 Outdoor photo shoot with grandkids
IMG_8560 50th Anniversary outdoor photo shoot
Outdoor family photo shoot
IMG_8170 Grandmother and grown grandson
IMG_8211 B&W grandmother and grandson
IMG_8231 Grandmother and granddaughter
Twins on soccer field
IMG_2595 B&W grandmother and granddaughter
IMG_B&W twins at the beach
Young woman and puppy
IMG_Brothers outdoor photo shoot
Family photos shoot in the woods
Sisters telling secrets
B0011701 B&W Brothers with baby sister
IMG_1991High school friends on the porch
Young woman on the beach
High school friends at the beach
IMG_0740 Boots in the woods

Lisa Sue Photography
Family & Lifestyle Photographer
Alpharetta, GA

All photographs appearing on this website are the property of Lisa Sue Anbild d/b/a Lisa Sue Photography.  They are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws and are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the express written permission of Lisa Sue Anbild.  Copyright © 1999-2022.  All Rights Reserved.

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