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IMG_7116 Lisa Sue & Evie

About Me

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to photographs, drawn into the worlds and stories they tell.  As I child, I remember poring over the black and white and sepia toned photographs of my parents and grandparents, wondering about the lives lived before I came to be.  As a college student, my heart beat quicker when I took my first darkroom class, and after processing my film, watched as the exposed images appeared in the chemical bath like the magic of Merlin.  Of course, I am digital now, but the wonder and magic of photography persists.  I still marvel at the stories that I and my subjects can tell in a photograph and how that photograph will continue to tell a story into the future.


Because photographs matter, I would consider it the greatest of privileges if I could help you tell your story.  Let's create magic together using natural light in a setting of your choice.

Credentials:  I have been a family photographer for over 20 years, after leaving a career practicing law.  I have participated in art shows and festivals including the Spruill Arts Center, Inman Park, Garden Hills and Crabapple.  My photography has been shown at local galleries, and I have conducted workshops in phototransfer techniques and published mixed-media collages created from my photography in national magazines such as Somerset Studio.


P.S.  My 10-year old daughter took the above photograph of me and our family dog.  Photography truly is a family business!

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